Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

House Refuses to Raise Debt Ceiling, Nation Faces a Crisis – This week, the United States reached its national debt ceiling, and if Congress fails to reach a deal, the economy could go into crisis. Congress usually authorizes raising the debt limit. But this time, Republicans who control the House are demanding deep cuts in government spending, including Social Security. José López Zamorano brings us the details from Washington.

Religious Leader Urges Congress to Stop Politicking and Work Together – Republicans in the House of Representatives are preparing an impeachment trial against Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. In other news, Secretary Mayorkas announced new protections against deportation for workers who are victims of labor abuse. Evangelical leader Reverend Gabriel Salguero spoke about these timely national issues with Chelis Lopez. Listen to the full interview in the archives of Línea Abierta for Tuesday, January 17 at radiobilingue.org.

Farmers Lose Crops Due to Rains and Flooding – The recent waves of winter storms in California plunged numerous Latino farmers who rent plots of land into flooding and devastation. Despite an early presidential declaration for the affected counties, emergency aid will take time to arrive. In the meantime, what will happen to the affected farmers’ fields? Ruben Tapia brings us this report.

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