Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

García Luna’s Fate Remains in Jury’s Hands – After a month of trial for conspiracy, drug trafficking, and lying to the U.S. government, the fate of Genaro Garcia Luna, the security strategist for the administration of Felipe’s Calderón, is in the hands of a jury of seven women and five men. If convicted, he could face 20 years to life in prison, but if the jury fails to reach a unanimous verdict, Garcia Luna could be released from his sentence. Marco Vinicio Gonzalez spoke with Mexican experts about the trial and its implications for anti-drug efforts in Mexico and the United States. He reports from the scene of the trial in New York.

Debate on Limiting Extra Pay for Farm Workers in Washington State – In the northwestern state of Washington, a bill is being discussed that would modify recent overtime pay rules for its farm workers. The initiative, led by a Republican legislator, proposes that for 12 weeks a year, employers pay time and a half after 50 hours of work per week. The initiative is opposed by worker’s rights advocates who negotiated with employers that next year they would pay overtime after 40 hours per week. Johanna Bejarano reports from Richland, Washington, with the details on this heated debate.

Proposal to Oversee Multi-Million-Dollar U.S. Investment in Central America – Almost one billion dollars of public and private funds will be invested in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, according to a recent announcement by Vice President Kamala Harris, who spoke to a group of businessmen in the capital city of Washington. The investment is the second phase of a mega-million dollar plan to develop the impoverished Central American region and reduce migration to the United States. The announcement was greeted with caution by academics in the region who urge oversight of resources and recommend listening to the voices of migrants. Maria Martin joins us from Guatemala with the details.

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