Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Obama Offers Tax Cuts to Corporations – In an attempt to escape a standstill in discussing plans for the economy, President Obama announced he supports a tax cut for corporations in response to a Republican promise to create jobs for the middle class. Marco Vinicio González has more details.

Native Peoples Share Efforts to Save Language, Culture – The territory of the Native American Ohlone people originally covered the North and Central Coasts of California. Today, the Ohlones have practically been expelled as a people from their own land. But in recent years, thousands of indigenous Mayan-speaking people from Yucatan, Mexico have come to part of the Ohlone their land, the highly populated San Francisco Bay Area. Mayas and Ohlones share ancestral roots and encounter similar challenges to save their culture and language. Silvia Parra shares some of these efforts to survive as a people.

New Law in Morelos, Mexico Seeks to Compensate Victims – Around 100,000 are dead, and thousands disappeared and orphaned as a consequence of the Mexican government’s war against drug trafficking. A new law to compensate victims in the state of Morelos seeks to bring relief to those affected. Our correspondent Raúl Silva has more from Mexico.

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