Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

With Some Headwinds, Historic Biden Nominees Advance - Despite criticism from the Republican opposition in the Senate, awaiting a confirmation vote to join President Joe Biden’s cabinet are Mexican American Xavier Becerra, Indian American Neera Tanden and Native American Deb Haaland. All of them people of color with progressive ideas, the three nominees would make history if they overcome the attacks and are confirmed as secretaries of health, the budget and the interior, respectively. José López Zamorano has the details from Washington.

Texas Civil Society Helps those Affected by Frost and Blackouts – Extreme freezes followed by major blackouts and drinking water outages in Texas have caused a major humanitarian crisis. In the absence of first responders, thousands of residents and community organizers joined forces to bring emergency aid to the victims. Leading organizers of the emergency aid discuss their work: Yadira González of La Unión del Pueblo Entero or LUPE in El Alamo; Tomas Aguilar of Living Hope in Houston, an organization for disabled migrants; and Claudia Muñoz of Grassroots Leadership in Austin.

Salvadorans Head to the Polls in a Referendum on Controversial President – El Salvador is on the eve of going to the polls. This Sunday, more than five million Salvadorans will cast ballots for deputies to the legislative assembly, the Central American parliament and hundreds of mayors. The elections are taking place amid a climate of tension and political violence, accusations of fraud and criticism over the handling of the pandemic. Although the controversial President Nayib Bukele is not on the ballot, analysts agree that this election will be a referendum on his presidency. María Martin has this report from Central America.

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