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Fleeing Central America – Thousands of children and entire families who were detained at the border after fleeing Central America are now reunited with parents or family members in different cities in the United States, as they wait their opportunity in court to fight their deportation. In Oakland, California, Zaidee Stavely interviewed a father from Honduras who came fleeing with his wife, their three children, and his tiny newborn grandson. The refugee, whose name is Alexander, says when he refused to pay a so-called “tax” to members of a gang, he suffered a terrifying retaliation.

Housing for California Veterans – California voters passed Proposition 41 in June, which reassigns 600 million dollars in unused bonds to build and renovate accessible housing for low-income veterans. California is home to more veterans than any other state in the country. Thousands of them live on the street or in homeless shelters. Araceli Martínez has more from Los Angeles.

The Impact of the Latino Vote in November – Less than three months before the November elections, political campaigns and civic groups are intensifying their efforts to register new Latino voters. Some predict that more Latinos will come out to vote than in the last presidential elections. But will the Latino vote impact outcomes in the House or the Senate? On Radio Bilingüe’s national show Línea Abierta, Samuel Orozco spoke with Antonio González, or of the Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project in Los Angeles, California.

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