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Foto by asterix611 via Flickr

Foto by asterix611 via Flickr

Organizations Prepare for Fight for Immigration Reform – As Congress prepares to begin sessions again, religious organizations, unions, and community groups prepare for what they anticipate will be a hard political battle for immigration reform in the House of Representatives. Several Republican leaders made it clear during the summer recess that they will not modify their harsh line against a path to citizenship. José López Zamorano reports on the new campaign.

Facing Recall Elections for Supporting Gun Control – The gun control law in the state of Colorado has been described as a “model” for the nation. The law requires criminal background checks for all those that want to buy guns and limits the number of magazine rounds to 15. The legislation was approved after an armed man killed twelve people and injured another 70 in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. In response, those who support the right to bear arms in the state launched a campaign to recall the Democrats who supported the law. State senator Angela Giron, the first Latina to be elected to the State Senate outside the metropolitan area of Denver, is one of two legislators who face a possible recall in a September 10th election. Our reporter Zaidee Stavely spoke with Senator Giron, who represents District 3 in Pueblo, Colorado.

“The Children of the Days” – The Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano presented his most recent book, “The Children of the Days” in City Lights, the legendary San Francisco bookstore that was the cradle of the beat movement in the 1950s. Galeano is the author of notable books such as “The Open Veins of Latin America,” “Memory of Fire,” “The Book of Embraces” and many others that rescue the voice of those forgotten by history. Galeano conversed with Chelis Lopez about his new book in a restaurant in the Latino barrio of The Mission. Marco Vinicio González brings us a brief summary of the conversation.

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