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Sanctuary Mothers Meet – Seven years after being deported, Elvira Arellano, the mother who took sanctuary in a church in Chicago for a year, returned to the United States where she is continuing her activism. During a first visit to Arizona, she visited another mother in solidarity. Herminia Gallego spent a month in sanctuary, fighting for the liberation of her daughter. Valeria Fernández has this story.

Drought in the Fields – California, the leading agricultural producer in the nation, is experiencing one of the driest years on record, with the San Joaquin Valley hit the hardest. Half a million acres are laying fallow, drinking water imperiled, and thousands of jobs are at risk. Radio Bilingüe’s news director, Samuel Orozco, hosted a Línea Abierta program about the drought. Marco Vinicio González prepared this report with segments of the conversation.

Musicians and Dancers Share Puerto Rican Beats, Food, and Song – Every month in Berkeley, California, teachers and students of Puerto Rican music and dance workshops get together to improvise and enjoy Puerto Rican food, rhythms, and friendship. They call these meetings Batey Boricua, in reference to the plazas around which Taino people organized their villages in Puerto Rico. Fernando Andrés Torres followed the activities of the two cultural workers who organize these events and has this story. This feature story is part of the series Raíces: Stories About Grassroots Artists.

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