Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

In Final Debate, Trump and Biden Woo Undecided Voters - Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden met in Nashville for their second and final presidential debate in what was seen as the last chance for Trump to rebound his lagging campaign. The candidates debated the response to the pandemic, racial injustices, climate change, national security and other issues. José López Zamorano has the details from Washington.

In Georgia, Latinos Could Decide Contested Election - The State of Georgia has broken its early voting records, and Latinos are playing no small part. This traditionally conservative state has emerged as a battleground where the nation’s presidential and Senate candidates are locked in a virtual tie. Thus, although the Latino vote represents just five percent of the electorate, today it is positioned to give the winner the margin of victory. Yemille Castejón reports from Atlanta about this and the last-minute efforts to get out the vote among Latinos.

Colorado’s Immigrant Voters Courted to Flip a Senate Seat – In Colorado, where the races for the presidency and a Senate seat are red hot, some are expecting new U.S. citizens to cast the decisive votes. Voter turnout groups hope to harness the enthusiasm of many of the state’s 60,000 newly naturalized citizens, mostly from Latin America, who want a change on issues such as the economy, the pandemic and immigration policies. José Luis Buen Abad has this report.

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