Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Heated Debate on Economic Stimulus Package Continues in Senate - Just one week ahead of August recess, the Senate has yet to reach an agreement on the fifth economic stimulus package. Meanwhile, the pandemic continues to spread unchecked, the economy is contracting rapidly, unemployment continues to rise, and federal emergency aid for the unemployed has come to an end. Among the issues under dispute are the amount of aid for the unemployed, the extension of protections against evictions and stimulus checks for families of mixed immigration status. José López Zamorano has the details.

Trump’s Bid to Exclude Undocumented Immigrants from Census; An Act of Political Theater? – “Political theater,” this was the phrase used by the National Association of Latino Elected Officials to describe an executive order by President Trump seeking to prevent undocumented immigrants from being counted when the new electoral districts are redesigned for the allotment of seats in Congress. The move is aimed at rallying his base while discouraging Latino participation in the census, according to Lizette Escobedo, the director of NALEO’s Census Program. She spoke with Radio Bilingüe’s news director, Samuel Orozco.

Colorado Latino Tenants Fear Wave of Evictions - Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s order requiring landlords to provide one month‘s notice before evicting tenants expires the second week of August. Also expiring at the end of the month are federal protections against evictions under a recent relief package. Without legislation to protect them, nearly 400,000 tenants could end up on the street. Among those most affected are Latino immigrants who cannot receive federal aid. Jessica Bedolla spoke with one of these families and tells us their story.

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