Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

The latest on the coronavirus. - In recent weeks, the number of coronavirus cases and deaths has skyrocketed in four of the country’s most populous and heavily Latino states, including California, Texas, Arizona and Florida. These states are figuratively ablaze, accounting for half of all new COVID-19 cases. Infections increased when they reopened their economies.

California Jail Becomes a COVID-19 Hot Spot - More than 900 prisoners have tested positive for coronavirus at Avenal State Prison in California’s Central Valley, and three have already died. Concerned relatives and activists have publicly pressured prison authorities to comply with the sanitary measures ordered by medical authorities and to release elderly prisoners with pre-existing conditions. Maria Esquinca spoke with a former inmate at Avenal who is still sick with coronavirus.

New Mexico Native Peoples Celebrate the Removal of Statues of Spanish Conquistador - For years, the native peoples of New Mexico have demanded the removal from public buildings of statues of Juan de Oñate, a Spanish conquistador who carried out a massacre of Native Americans who resisted the colonizers. Several weeks ago, two of these statues were removed thanks to the wave of indignation generated by the Black Lives Matter movement against symbols of racism. Jessica Bedolla has the details.

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