Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Military Commanders in Line of Fire Over Missing Soldier - Where is Vanessa Guillén? This is the question faced by commanders at a military base near Austin, Texas, where a young woman soldier has disappeared. After weeks of pleas from her family and recent statements by political and civil society leaders, the Army opened an investigation whose initial results have yielded more questions than answers. Mariana Pineda reports from Houston.

Historic Ruling Guarantees Civil Rights for LGBTQ Workers - In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court decided last week that it is illegal to fire a worker only because they are gay, lesbian or transgender. Previously, more than half of U.S. states did not grant legal protection to workers against dismissal, demotion or under-payment due to sexual orientation or gender identity. News Director Samuel Orozco discussed the repercussions of this ruling with Mónica Trasandes, a spokesperson with GLAAD.

Union Sues to Protect Mexican Braceros from Coronavirus - Thousands of Mexican seasonal workers with H2A visas, also known as braceros, continue to arrive in the agricultural fields of the State of Washington without realizing that they have landed in a COVID-19 hotspot area. A union organization has sued the state government to push it to take urgent measures to protect these workers, who are considered essential during the pandemic. José Luis Buen Abad brings us the details from Washington.

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