Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Televised Impeachment Hearings to Begin – With the testimony of three important witnesses, the first public hearings are set to begin in the impeachment proceedings against President Trump, who is accused of pressuring Ukraine to get favors to help him in the 2020 election. The announcement was made by Adam Schiff, Chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee.

25 Years After Proposition 187, How Has California Changed?- 25 years ago, California voters approved Proposition 187, a ballot initiative that sought to ban education, health care and other social services for undocumented immigrants. This was the first anti-immigrant state legislation of our time. Prop 187 was challenged and immediately blocked by the courts and finally declared unconstitutional. However, the movement it generated helped re-elect Republican Governor Pete Wilson, spawned similar initiatives in other states and is been replicated by President Trump. On the other hand, the anti-immigrant reaction gave Latinos greater confidence, sparked the largest protest march of the time in Los Angeles and, in the words of former California Senate President Kevin de León, “sowed hatred and division and reaped a new generation of leaders and a new California.” Veterans of these events 25 years ago commented on this: lawyer and activist Renee Saucedo, California Senate President Pro Tem Emeritus Kevin de León, and social researcher and “Power Shift” author David Ayón.

Tucson Elects First Latina Mayor – Regina Romero made history in Tuesday’s election by becoming the first woman and the first Latina to be elected as Tucson mayor. In an interview with Samuel Orozco, Romero talks about the keys to her victory and the steps she will take immediately upon assuming office. Romero promises to raise the flags of the two native peoples of this region of southern Arizona at City Hall.

Chilean Diaspora Joins their Homeland’s Political Debate – In Chile, anti-government protests continue to rage for the third consecutive week, demanding a new constitution, while President Santiago Piñera insists he will not resign. With mixed opinions, Chilean immigrants in the United States are following the dramatic events in their homeland closely, as explained by Patricio Zamorano, a political analyst and co-director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs in Washington.

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