Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Congress Votes to Formalize Impeachment Process Against Trump – The House of Representatives has voted to approve rules for a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump for allegedly pressuring Ukraine to interfere in the next U.S. presidential elections. The vote, with all but two Democrats in favor and all Republicans opposed, clears the way for public impeachment hearings. Democratic leader and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the results of the voting.

Amid Wildfires in California, Sounding the Alarm in Spanish – After a week of battling the massive Kincade wildfire in northern California, which has burned 80,000 acres, firefighters finally got the blaze under control. Of the nearly 200,000 residents evacuated, only a few thousand have been unable to return to their homes, although tens of thousands remain in a state of high alert. During the peak of the emergency, a group of volunteer newscasters at a community radio station located at ground zero of the disaster provided first-hand news in Spanish. Hugo Mata tells us about the dramatic experience.

Volunteers Mobilize for Complete Census Count in Hard-to-Count Areas – With six months to go until the 2020 Census, social activists in California’s Central Valley began an intensive door-to-door campaign this week to visit communities that have been poorly counted in the past. These communities, which are hard to count because of poverty and unemployment, have lost resources due to the lack of a proper census count. This season, community and religious leaders are joining forces to go out to speak with families in the central valley at homes, churches, and events to alert them to the consequences of not being counted. Ruben Tapia spoke with some of these motivated volunteers and has this report from Bakersfield, California.

A Tale of Mexican Immigrants Blurring the Border – In his new book, Homelands, the award-winning journalist Alfredo Corchado describes how Mexicans who migrate north transform themselves once in the United States and leave an indelible mark on their new adoptive homeland. In his book, the Dallas Morning News correspondent in Mexico and Texas narrates some of the major social events of recent decades based on his personal memories and the stories of three close friends who were connected to some of those key moments.

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