Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Democrats Continue to Issue Subpoenas as Trump Refuses to Cooperate – After Congress issued an ultimatum last week requiring President Trump to deliver documents related to his dealings with Ukraine, the head of state refused to cooperate, barred the testimony of an ambassador and accused the Democrats of initiating an unconstitutional process. In response, House Democrats warn that Trump’s contempt could lead them to add charges of obstruction of justice. José López Zamorano brings us details on this crisis of powers from Washington.

Young Arizonans Galvanized by Deported “Dreamer” Who Took His Life – Two years ago, a young Mexican man who grew up in Arizona and secured a work permit through the DACA program took his own life after being deported. The suicide of the young man, named Frankie, shocked the community of activists to which he belonged. His sister has now turned to activism, saying she wants to prevent the tragedy from repeating itself. Valeria Fernández traveled to Flagstaff, in northern Arizona, and tells us how young Frankie’s legacy of activism continues to inspire political changes in this conservative state.

At Housing Crisis Hot Spot, Presidential Candidate Calls for Respect for the Homeless – California is facing a serious housing and homelessness crisis that is getting worse every day. President Trump sparked a debate in recent weeks by warning that his government could intervene and “clean up” camps of people living on the street, whom he called a burden on society. Two weeks ago, presidential candidate and former Housing Secretary Julián Castro visited a homeless camp in Oakland, area of high rents and hot spot of the homelessness crisis. There, he said that homeless people should not be treated like cattle and touted his presidential housing plan.

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