Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Congress Pushes Forward Urgent Legislation on Firearms – This week, the House Judicial Committee approved three bills that would establish greater obstacles to firearms purchases for people with mental problems or linked to hate groups. Democrats have finally begun hitting the accelerator amid national outcry over daily deadly shootings, and are pressuring the Republican-controlled Senate to do its part. José López Zamorano has the details from Washington.

Seeking to Defeat White Supremacy Through Music, Poetry, and the Ballot Box – A month after the massacre in El Paso, Texas, activists from several border states have organized two days of events in that city, considered one of the safest in the country, and where the majority are of Mexican origin. In addition to expressing solidarity with the victims and immigrants, the organizers are proposing to defeat white supremacists through voting. Jesus Rodriguez reports that the day culminated with a concert featuring famous Latino artists.

In Guatemala, Expulsion of Anti-Corruption Commission Raises Concerns – For more than a decade, an international commission to fight corruption and impunity in Guatemala known as the CICIG achieved important results. It helped send two former presidents and other high officials to jail, along with business people and drug traffickers. However, when the commission investigated outgoing president Jimmy Morales and his relatives, he expelled it from the country. From the Guatemalan capital, María Martin tells us why some people are celebrating the expulsion, while others fear for their lives.

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