Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Intense Debate over Mexico-US Agreement Postponing Threat of Tariffs – Following intense negotiations, Mexico and the United States reached an agreement to avoid a tariff war detrimental to both countries. President Trump indefinitely suspended progressive tariffs on Mexican products entering the country. In return, he asked the Mexican government to reduce the flow of Central American immigrants crossing into U.S. territory to request asylum, although he threatened to impose tariffs if Mexico does not make substantial reductions. What exactly was agreed? Who are the victims of this agreement? Who won the trade war? The noted analyst Laura Carlsen spoke with Chelis López on the program Línea Abierta about these and other issues, and we bring you a summary of the talk.

Waiver by Texas Secretary of State Shows Growing Influence of Latino Electorate – Chastened by the national scandal that erupted when he questioned the citizenship of nearly 100,000 mostly Latino voters, Texas Secretary of State David Whitley resigned more than two weeks ago. Unanimous opposition by Democratic state senators, as well as lawsuits by civil rights groups were definitive for this historic victory in a state still dominated by Republicans. Mariana Pineda reports from Houston on the meaning of the resignation and shifts in the electoral political arena ahead of next year’s elections.

California to Expand Health Insurance to Undocumented Young Adults – California will become the first state in the country to offer medical coverage to undocumented youth under 26 years of age. It is estimated that the coverage will benefit 90,000 individuals at a cost of $98 million. To finance the program, fines will be levied on legal residents and citizens who lack health insurance. The measure was rejected by conservative groups as costly and politically motivated, however, pro-immigrant camps consider it an investment that will benefit everyone in the state. In Los Angeles, Ruben Tapia spoke with one of the young beneficiaries who fought to make this change possible.

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