Edicion Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Deportees cross en masse to ask for political asylum - Deported immigrants showed up in large numbers this week at a border entry, trying to return to the United States legally, as part of the movement called Bring them Home. More than 30 young dreamers, who grew up in the United States before being deported, and parents with children in this country, crossed the border between California and Mexico, asking for asylum and humanitarian visas. Organizers announced that in the next few days, more than one hundred people could try to come in to the country this way. Manuel Ocaño reports from the border.


President Obama calls on Latinos to sign up for health plan – Just days before the deadline to register for the Affordable Care Act, President Obama intensified White House efforts to persuade millions of Latinos of the importance of having health insurance. With this end, President Obama participated in an unprecedented townhall meeting before large networks and Spanish-speaking media outlets. José López Zamorano reports from Washington, D.C.
Musician mixes sounds of ancient instrument with electronic music   - An artist from San Francisco, California mixes the sound of the kulintang, a traditional instrument indigenous to the southern Philippines, which in a sense is like a marimba, with modern electronic music. After four years of work,  Ron Quesada is about to launch his first album with his novel musical proposal. Quesada hopes to have an impact on young Filipino-Americans, to help them learn more about their cultural roots. Our correspondent in Los Angeles, Rubén Tapia, interviewed the creator of Kulintronica during an event to help victims of the most recent hurricane that hit the Philippines. This story is part of the series Raíces: Stories about Grassroots Artists.

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