Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Amid Criticism, Trump Declares National Emergency After Signing Federal Budget – President Trump declared a national state of emergency after signing the bipartisan funding bill approved by both chambers of Congress that authorizes only a quarter of the $ 5.7 billion that he demanded for his border wall. Democratic leadership called the declaration a mockery. Meanwhile, pro-immigrant groups criticized the fact that budget negotiators overlooked DACA and TPS beneficiaries. Jose Lopez Zamorano reports from Washington.

“Green New Deal” Proposal Generates Intense Debate – Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has presented a resolution calling for a “Green New Deal,” a reference to President Roosevelt’s Depression-era “New Deal” aimed at economic recovery. The resolution proposes a decade of large-scale public investment in renewable and zero-emission energy sources and would create millions of well-paid jobs to renew the country’s infrastructure. What does the plan contain, and how will it impact Latinos and indigenous people? Javier Sierra, associate director of communications at the Sierra Club, discusses these questions with Chelis Lopez on the program Línea Abierta.

With Songs and Stories, Indigenous Grandmother in New York Keeps Quechua Language Alive – Doña Elva Ambía Rebata arrived in New York half a century ago from the Andes mountains of Peru. And although the New York metropolitan area is home to the largest Quechua community in the United States, for many years, Elva did not speak her native language. One day, she became determined to teach Quechua to prevent its disappearance. Today, in her community school, Elva fosters the Quechua language through songs and stories from the tradition of her people. Our correspondent, Marco Vinicio González, visited Elva in her classroom and brings us this report to commemorate the start of the International Year of Indigenous Languages. This report is part of the series on traditional arts known as “Raices”.

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