Edicion Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Dozens Arrested on President’s Day, while Protesting Deportations – Family members of detained immigrants, religious leaders, and day laborers were arrested outside the White House after an act of civil disobedience to ask President Obama to suspend deportations. With their arrest, the activists sought to give a human face to the aftermath of family separation. José López Zamorano reports from the nation’s capital.

County Government in California Seeks to Eliminate Health Safety Net - For 30 years, the Fresno County government, in California’s Central Valley, has been one of a few in the state to cover specialized healthcare costs for low-income people who have no health insurance, despite their immigration status. The county was forced to offer this coverage through a lawsuit in 1984. Now, Fresno County is once again before a judge, asking for the legal obligation to be lifted, arguing that the majority of the patients in this program are now insured, thanks to Medicaid expansion. Most of those that would be left unprotected are undocumented. Our reporter Farida Jhabvala Romero has more details from Fresno. This story is part of Living in the Shadows, a result of the Reporting on Health Collaborative.

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