Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Republicans Move to Confirm Kavanaugh Following Hasty FBI Investigation – After a short, hurried investigation, the FBI indicated that it had failed to corroborate the sexual assault allegations against President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination, Brett Kavanaugh. Republican leaders expressed satisfaction with the result and called for an immediate confirmation vote, while the Democrats called the investigation hasty and insufficient. Kavanaugh’s confirmation now hangs on a small group of undecided senators, as pressure from activists in the #MeToo movement intensifies. Jose Lopez Zamorano has the details from Washington.

At the Polls, Anger Over Excessive Rents and Evictions – Tired of a wave of evictions and excessive rent hikes and complaining of lack of support from the municipal government, affected residents and activists from the city of Santa Ana in conservative Orange County have launched a campaign to gather signatures to submit a rent control initiative to a referendum in two years. Ruben Tapia reports on this citizen uprising from Santa Ana, California.

Demands for Justice Revived on 50th Anniversary of Tlatelolco Massacre – This October 2nd marked the 50th anniversary of the Tlatelolco Massacre in which Mexican troops and security forces fired on thousands of unarmed students at a pro-democracy rally in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Mexico City. In commemoration of the tragic events that forever marked the modern history of the country, President-elect Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador promised to dissolve the Presidential Guard and never again use the army against the people. Meanwhile, demonstrators in a number of cities demanded justice for the victims of 1968 and other recent mass killings. Raúl Silva reports from Mexico City.

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