Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Latino Candidate Advances in Arizona Gubernatorial Race – With the triumph of David Garcia as a gubernatorial candidate in the Arizona Democratic primary, voters in this conservative state could elect the second Latino governor in their history. Garcia, who is a university professor and military veteran, managed to get a record number of voters out to the polls. Our reporter Valeria Fernández interviewed him in Phoenix and reports about how he is preparing for November.

Posthumous Homage to Great Voices of Tejano Conjunto Music – Two great Tejano Conjunto figures were honored posthumously in May when they were inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Tejano Conjunto Music Festival in San Antonio. This institution celebrates individuals who have had a lasting impact on this tradition. Those recognized this year were superstar singer Emilio Navaira, and Alma Garza, who for 30 years brought the best of this accordion-driven border music to public radio stations throughout the country as host of Radio Bilingüe’s program “La Onda Tejana.” Zaidee Stavely has this portrait of those two great voices forever enshrined in the history of Tejano Conjunto music.

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