Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Wendy’s Faces Protest by Tomato Pickers – Challenging a boycott launched by Florida tomato pickers nearly two years ago, the hamburger chain Wendy’s is refusing to sign an agreement to help combat sexual harassment and increase wages for farmworkers. The company claims it has better policies in place. Meanwhile, workers in Florida are taking their protest to New York, a consumer hotspot and the site of major shareholder investing. Marco Vinicio González reports from New York.

Opening of Texas Detention Center for Migrant Children Postponed – Just days after it was announced that a new detention center would be opened to house migrant children who have been separated from their parents, local authorities in Houston are raising questions about permits presented by the company Southwest Key, which sought to convert a homeless shelter into a home for unaccompanied minors. City council members and municipal officials say the permits submitted by the company are not adequate to serve migrant children. Maria Pineda has the details from Houston.

Pioneer in the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation – The World Day Against Human Trafficking was held this week. Human trafficking affects millions of victims around the world, many of them immigrants from poor countries. Hundreds of thousands of children born in the United States have also reportedly fallen prey to this billion-dollar business. A pioneering program in Los Angeles is providing help to the victims. The program was started by councilwoman Nury Martinez, who has made fighting this crime the focus of her work in the local government. Ruben Tapia has this report.

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