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Latino Youth Support Historic Nomination of Female African American Governor in Georgia - The African-American candidate Stacey Abrams made history by winning the democratic primary for governor in Georgia, a deep-south state with a tradition of racial segregation and where Trump won by a five-point margin in the last presidential race. The majority of Latinos voted for Abrams due to her progressive policies and also thanks to a voter registration and mobilization campaign targeting Latino youth, who were urged to defend their families at the ballot box against anti-immigrant policies. Sebastian Saavedra has this report from Atlanta.

Tejano Conjunto Music Flourishes at San Antonio Festival – For three days, San Antonio, Texas, became the capital of “Tejano Conjunto” music, with performances by some 30 accordion groups comprised by veterans of the genre, children of famous musicians, and promising young artists. Attendees of the Tejano Conjunto Festival came from states around the country and from Mexico to enjoy this beautiful, binational music representing family traditions, identity and cultural resistance. Rubén Tapia presents an overview of its history and the notable aspects of this annual festival, now in its 37th year.

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