Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Supreme Court Concludes Hearing on Trade Unions – The nation’s highest court has finished hearing arguments in a landmark legal challenge to the right of labor unions to charge fees to non-members. The suit, known as Janus vs. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, was brought by an Illinois worker who alleged that, because he opted not to join a union, requiring him to pay union fees is a violation of his right to free speech and free association. Thousands of unionists have carried out hundreds of protests around the country to denounce what they call a pro-business political strategy aimed at destroying unions. Ruben Tapia has this report.

Salvadoran Mother Traumatized by Violence Faces Court without Legal or Psychological Assistance – In California, at least 17,000 Salvadorans are awaiting trial in immigration courts. Some are migrants that fled violence and sought asylum in the United States. Generally, they must wait two years for their first court date, and in the meantime, they face many challenges in obtaining legal help and supporting themselves. For many immigrants, these problems lead to stress and anxiety. Our reporter Valeria Fernández has closely followed the story of Yocelin, a mother of four small children who is coping with traumatic memories of the sexual violence and death threats that forced her to flee El Salvador, and doing so without access to psychological help. To top it all off, she will soon face a judge.

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