Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Record Numbers of Citizenship Applications Hint at Changes in Arizona – Although election season is over, thousands around the country continue to apply for citizenship, and Arizona is a state that is seeing a high rate of such requests. There, a coalition of activists is ramping up efforts to register new citizens with the aim of encouraging new voters as well as candidates for public office. Promoters of naturalization hope to transform Arizona into a state that puts an end to the policies of hatred and racial division, as Valeria Fernández reports from Phoenix. This report is part of the series, “Speaking of Race.”

After Wildfires, Immigrant Families Benefit from Unique Citizens’ Fund – Nearly two months after  the catastrophic forest fires that devastated more than 9,000 homes and buildings in Northern California, an alliance of organizations established a million-dollar fund to help thousands of migrant workers and their families who lost their homes and jobs and whose immigration status prevents them from qualifying for federal aid. In the Sonoma Valley, Ricardo Ibarra spoke with affected families and the good samaritans who are reaching out to them.

Seamstresses Expose Sad Truth Behind Black Friday Bargains – Just after Black Friday, the day Christmas shopping fervor is unleashed by tempting sales, dozens of seamstresses and activists toured downtown Los Angeles to inform lines of customers about the ugly reality hidden behind discount prices at some of the big clothing chains. Ruben Tapia interviewed seamstresses and clients during this day, known as “Saturdays Against Hunger Factories.”

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