Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Puerto Ricans Treated as Second-Class-Citizens: Hurricane Victims – More than 50 days after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, over half of the island’s power and a quarter of its telephone service remains unrestored, and the threat of a humanitarian crisis still looms. In this context, Governor Ricardo Roselló appeared before two Congressional committees where, in addition to requesting almost $95 billion in emergency assistance, he also called for equal and non-discriminatory treatment for Puerto Ricans. José López Zamorano has the details from Washington.

Fast-Food Giant Pressured Over Sexual Assault on Farms – National media headlines have been dominated by accusations of sexual assault by rich and powerful figures in the world of entertainment, sports, academics and politics, but little reporting has been done regarding the rampant abuses committed in agricultural fields. Organized workers in Florida have launched a new campaign to pressure the fast-food chain Wendy’s to stop buying tomatoes from firms that have overlooked sexual abuse claims and human rights violations. Marco Vinicio González reports from New York.

Deported Veterans Issue a Call to the Nation – Veteran’s Day was held this week in the United States, a day of solemn events around the country in homage to those who have served in the armed forces or fought in wars. In three cities along the Mexican border with Texas, Arizona and California, U.S. veterans marked the occasion not with solemn events, but with protests decrying the fact that dozens of non-citizen veterans have been deported from the U.S. after committing crimes. They are demanding not to be forgotten by the country for which they risked their lives. Manuel Ocaño reports from an event with deported veterans in Tijuana, Mexico.

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