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Luis Gutiérrez Announces Attempt to Impeach Trump – Luis Gutiérrez, a Congressman from Chicago, has announced the first coordinated action by Democrats to initiate an attempt to impeach President Trump. Although Gutiérrez did not disclose the charges that will be filed before Congress, he did mention as factors the criminal charges filed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller against members of Trump’s campaign team for his alleged collusion with Russia to interfere in the presidential elections. José López Zamorano has the details from Washington.

Latina Candidates Could Make History in Virginia Elections – For the first time in Virginia’s history, two Latina candidates could be elected to the House of Delegates in the state legislature. The candidates, Elizabeth Gómez of Peru and Hala Ayala, who has Salvadoran roots, are campaigning in a tense environment that has been marked by accusations of racial hatred after another candidate attacked her Democratic opponent by associating her with Salvadoran gangs and the undocumented. Ruben Tapia offers a brief look at what is at stake for Latino voters next Tuesday in these closely watched elections.

Latinos Continue to Fall Victim to AIDS – Despite progress in the fight against AIDS and a decrease in the total number of AIDS cases and deaths, the same has not been true among Latinos, for whom the number of infections is rising. Why are Latinos still at a higher risk of dying of AIDS? Our correspondent, Fernando Torres, covered a forum in San Francisco, the epicenter of the battle against this devastating epidemic.

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