Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

With Huge Cut to Federal Funding for Healthcare Markets, California Boosts Call for Enrollment – President Trump has ordered a drastic cut in spending on advertising to encourage enrollment in state insurance markets and has also threatened to eliminate subsidies that allow low-income consumers to pay their deductibles. This has generated widespread confusion, and to help dispel it, California insurance exchange leaders are preparing a campaign to motivate enrollment in the state that has benefited most from health care reform. Ruben Tapia spoke with some concerned residents.

Despite Draconian Texas Law, Undocumented Immigrants Key to Rebuilding Houston – Texas passed the country’s most draconian immigration law this summer, attempting to launch a crackdown against undocumented residents. Meanwhile, the state’s construction industry, one of the most dynamic in the country, relies heavily on the work of undocumented migrant workers. It is even hoped that thousands of these workers will help rebuild Houston after the disaster caused by Hurricane Harvey. In this report, Joy Diaz shows us how a legal system has been created to benefit from these mostly Latino workers.

In Mexico, Threats to Imprison Unlicensed Community Broadcasters – Broadcasters who operate community radio stations without a government-issued license could face up to six years in jail and confiscation of broadcasting equipment, according to a bill approved earlier this month by a commission in Mexico’s Chamber of Representatives. Civic organizations and community radio stations’ associations say the measure is unconstitutional and an attack on freedom of expression. Raul Silva reports from Mexico City.

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