Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Devastating Fires in California Leave Many Homeless and Facing Uncertainty – The devastation caused by more than 15 forest fires in northern California is growing in what has become one of the worst disasters in state history. Thousands of homes have been destroyed and tens of thousands of residents evacuated. Among the working families seeking shelter at evacuation centers, uncertainty is growing, as many are unsure whether they will recover their belongings and jobs. Worries are aggravated by a lack of emergency information in Spanish to assist the victims of the disaster. Ricardo Ibarra spoke with a family at a shelter in the city of Santa Rosa, the hardest hit by the fires.

Democrats Repudiate Trump’s Immigration Plan – Money for the border wall, more immigration officers and changes in immigration priorities are some of the conditions President Trump put on the table to reach an agreement to legalize the “Dreamers.” Democratic leaders rejected that proposal and threatened to withdraw their support for projects by the President or Republicans in the 2018 budget proposal. José López Zamorano has the details from Washington.

Bilingual Education in Mexico for Children of Deportees – Of the nearly half a million minors born in the United States to undocumented parents from Mexico that have been deported or repatriated, more than 50,000 are studying in the border city of Tijuana. Upon arriving at Mexican schools, these young people are integrated into classrooms, and, with limited Spanish language skills, often fail to perform academically. To address this problem, educational authorities in California and Mexico are poised to sign an agreement to establish a bilingual education program allowing young bi-national students to study in both languages. Manuel Ocaño spoke to a mother in Tijuana whose children are facing this issue.

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