Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Final Attempt by Republicans to End Obamacare Fails – Are Bipartisan Talks Ahead? – After several months of fruitless attempts and amid deep internal divisions, Republicans again abandoned an attempt to repeal Obamacare and replace it with the controversial Graham-Cassidy Bill, which would have left millions without health insurance. While Republican leaders warn they will return to the issue, influential lawmakers have called for a bipartisan alternative. Meanwhile, the existing healthcare law is launching in November its new open enrollment period for 2018 insurance plans. Jose Lopez Zamorano has the details from Washington.

Republican Congressmembers Called on to Take Sides on the Dream Act – Nearly a month after President Trump ended the DACA program, and with just days remaining for DACA renewals, Democrats in Congress are attempting to force House Speaker Paul Ryan to put the Dream Act to a vote. Immigrants and community leaders are putting pressure on key Republican congressmembers who, despite voicing support for the legalization of the Dreamers, have not committed to demanding a vote. One of these is Congressman Darrell Issa in San Diego. Jessica Bedolla has this report.

Through Dialogue, Seeking to Inspire – Not Punish – Young Students – Tired of seeing classmates abandon their studies to end up in gangs or poverty, a young son of immigrants has returned to his hometown in impoverished rural California as a social activist determined to create change. By gradually gaining support for restorative justice programs in schools, the young man is seeking to stop expulsions, increase graduation rates, inspire students and connect them with their community. This is happening in Coachella, in the desert between California and Arizona. Ruben Tapia has this report.

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