Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Death of Blueberry Farm Worker Sparks Unusual Protests – The death in Washington state of blueberry picker Honesto Silva Ibarra continues to spur outcry among his coworkers, all Mexicans hired through the temporary H2A work visa. In protest over the tragedy, dozens of workers went on strike for a day and were then fired and thrown out of the housing provided by the company, a corporation that controls some of the largest blueberry farms in the world. Lawyers and activists say the case revealed serious irregularities and violations of international contracts. Jose Luis Buen Abad reports from the town of Sumas, Washington, with the details on this lawsuit of transnational proportions.

Low Reimbursements for California Doctors Discriminates Against Latinos: Plaintiffs – Civil rights advocates have filed a lawsuit against Medi-Cal, the health program for low-income residents of California, alleging that now that Latinos are the largest beneficiaries of the plan, its payments to doctors and clinics have declined. The result is that Medi-Cal patients are often turned away by doctors, which puts their health in jeopardy. The lawsuit has just received an unexpected boost after a federal court ruling in another case. Fernando Torres reports from Oakland.

In L.A., Mariachi Plaza at the Epicenter of Evictions – Residents of the largely Mexican neighborhood of Boyle Heights, not far from Los Angeles’ downtown, have been shaken in recent years by a real estate boom that has brought evictions and huge increases in rent. Among the most affected areas is the neighborhood surrounding Mariachi Plaza. There, some long-established families of mariachi musicians have received eviction notices and have refused to vacate in protest. As this neighborhood is at the traditional heart of East L.A., many see the mariachis’ fight as a struggle for the soul of the Mexican community. Our correspondent Ruben Tapia tells the story. This report is part of the series, “Speaking of Race.”

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