Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Controversial Presidential Commission Convened on Electoral Fraud – Amid intense controversy, this week saw the first meeting of the commission created by President Trump to investigate electoral fraud, which he claims without proof was committed by millions of voters in the last election. The commission asked states to provide data on voters, a request that most officials rejected. Social leaders fear the commission will be used to suppress the vote among low-income citizens and citizens of color. This report, by Marco Vinicio González is part of the series “Speaking of Race.”

With Single-Payer Health Plan Blocked, Debate Continues in California – Amid efforts by Republicans in Washington to end the current national healthcare system, in California, debate heats up over a single-payer healthcare plan that would make the state the first to establish the model. The bill passed in the state Senate, but got hung up in the Assembly, with promises that it would be taken up again in the next legislative session, news that was supported by some backers of the proposal but angered other leaders. Rubén Tapia has the details from Los Angeles.

Transgender Immigrants Detained in Arizona Complain of Double Abuse – Transgender immigrants face double discrimination and abuse at immigration detention centers, according to the organization Trans Queer Pueblo. Karyna Rodriguez Jaramillo, a transgender woman of Mexican origin, says she personally experienced discrimination, arbitrary detention and violence. Today, she uses her testimony to educate possible victims and encourage them to defend themselves. From Phoenix, Valeria Fernández has the story. This report is part of the series “Speaking of Race.”

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