Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Sanctuary City Ban in Texas Faces Legal Challenges – The signing of the controversial law known as SB4 by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has been unanimously rejected by Latino and immigrant defense groups. The new law authorizes local and state police to do the work of immigration agents, and although it is not slated to come into effect until September 1, it is already facing lawsuits and resistance efforts. José López Zamorano reports from Washington.

Congressmembers that Backed Republican Healthcare Bill Face Furor – Upon returning home for break after voting for a controversial healthcare bill, some Congressmembers were confronted by angry citizens in California, a state where reforms by President Obama helped millions to obtain health insurance and receive health coverage through the public program known as Medi-Cal. Ruben Tapia reports on how California is experiencing this intense debate, at the center of which lies a small and vulnerable delegation of Republican Congressmembers.

Plan for Debt-Free College Moves Forward in California – In response to rising college tuition fees and massive student debt, California lawmakers are proposing a program called “Degrees Not Debt.” The plan would help students at public universities pay for tuition and living costs. It would also make the first year of community college free. Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, who authored the initiative, discusses his bill in conversation with our news director, Samuel Orozco.

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