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Judges Block Trump’s New Order Banning Muslims and Refugees – Two federal judges have hit hard against President Trump’s latest ban targeting refugees and Muslims, issuing a block just hours before the executive order was set to go into effect. Trump’s revised order would prohibit the issuing of new visas for citizens from six majority Muslim countries and suspend admissions of new refugees to the United States. In this report, Dina Siegel Van of the American Jewish Committee in Washington celebrates the legal decision, while Trump condemns the judges.

“Inhumane” to Subject Refugee Children to Toxic Stress – Thousands of child immigrants that endured violence and trauma in their countries of origin arrive in the United States only to be met with more stress and anxiety upon being separated from their families and sent to detention centers. These terrifying experiences lead to a mental and physical state specialists call “toxic stress.” At a time when immigration authorities are making plans to impose new rules to sanction parents of undocumented children with detention and separation, our News Director Samuel Orozco spoke with Dr. Fernando Stein, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, who is calling on authorities to stop this humanitarian tragedy.

Teachers Allowed to Carry Guns in Schools, But Maybe Not For Much Longer – This week, a committee in California’s legislative assembly gave the green light to a bill presented by Democrat Kevin McCarty that would prohibit school districts from allowing teachers to carry guns in classrooms. If approved, the law would eliminate a controversial policy allowing concealed carry by high school teachers in Kern County and three other small school districts in the state. Despite protests by teachers, parents and community groups, the measure allowing guns in schools was approved via fast track last year by the board of Kern High School District in California’s Central Valley. In this report, Ruben Tapia describes the citizens’ campaign against guns in schools that began last December and continues today.

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