Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Isela BrionesFast Food Workers Take to the Streets – Fast food workers took to the streets in more than one hundred cities demanding a salary increase to $15 an hour. This is the biggest protest to date against an industry valued at 200 billion dollars, but which pays its workers an average wage of less than $9 an hour. Studies show that half of the industry’s workers depend on public programs such as food stamps to feed their families. Rubén Tapia reports from one of the protests outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Los Angeles.

Arizona Immigrants Demand Reform – Four social leaders finished their fast for immigration reform outside the Capitol this week. Eight well-known defenders of the reform took their place and began fasting. At the same time, other actions have been organized for immigration reform. A group of dreamers from Arizona and their parents, some of whom are facing deportation, traveled to the nation’s capital to demand reform by Congress and an end to deportations by President Obama. Valeria Fernández reports from Phoenix, where the caravan began.

Medicaid Expansion Helps a Woman Drowning in Health Debt – The expansion of the health program for the poor known as Medicaid is an opportunity to give health insurance to millions of people in this country who cannot pay their hospital bills and medication. In New York, after being diagnosed with cancer, Jenny Paredes lost her job and her health insurance and found herself piling up debt with costly visits to the emergency room, ambulance rides, and hospital appointments. Now, finally, she received help from Medicaid. Marco Vinicio González has more details from New York.

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