Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

SCHUMERFast for Immigration Reform Outside Capitol Building  - In the face of Republicans’ refusal to bring a comprehensive immigration reform bill up for a vote, a few days before the legislative calendar is scheduled to end, community, union and religious leaders started a hunger strike on the National Mall, outside the Capitol Building. Despite low temperatures, the activists say they will continue their fast until they get an affirmative answer from Congress. Our correspondent José Lopez Zamorano reports from Washington.

Agricultural Board in California Hears Case on Sexual Harassment in the Fields – Today we present the second part of our series on sexual harassment and assault against farmworkers. California is the only state that has a special board to resolve problems between farmworkers and growers. For the first time, this board is about to consider one of its first complaints related to sexual harassment. Grace Rubenstein reports.

This series was reported in collaboration with KQED, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and the UC Berkeley Investigative Journalism Program. For more information on the series, visit cironline.org/rapeinthefields.

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