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Foto: healdsburgmagazine vía Flickr_mInjured Day Laborers Face Obstacles to Receive Healthcare - Day laborers suffer more injuries than other workers from the same industries, according to studies. What happens after they are hurt? Where can they go to receive healthcare? Are day laborers cared for and compensated the same as other workers? In this second and final part of a report on the health of day laborers in Washington state, José Luis Buen Abad explores the obstacles that day laborers in Seattle face to treat their wounds and chronic injuries. This feature report was produced as part of  The California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships, a program of the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism.

Play Denounces Death of Culture in Latino Neighborhood  -
The iconic Latino neighborhood of The Mission District in San Francisco, a capital of Latino artists, is undergoing intense gentrification and increasing housing prices. This has resulted in the displacement of neighbors and artists who have made this district their home for decades.  Our reporter Silvia Parra is one of a number of artists who are finding themselves forced to say goodbye to the Mission. For this reason, Silvia accepted an invitation from Teatro Arcoiris to participate in an innovative play about the death of cultural identity of the legendary Mission District. The play went on stage during the weekend of the Day of the Dead, that attracts tens of thousands of people to the district. Silvia Parra brings us this feature direct from the stage of Still Life Cabaret. This feature story is part of our series Raíces: Stories About Grassroots Artists.

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