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AL13Outrage in California city after youth’s death – The small city of Santa Rosa, California, is in mourning after the death last week of the young boy Andy López at the hands of a county sheriff. Andy, who was 13 years old, was killed with seven bullets shot by a law enforcement agent, who said he felt threatened because the youth was carrying a rifle. However, the rifle Andy was playing with was a bb gun. Feelings are running high in this community in the heart of wine-country. This week, thousands of people said goodbye to Andy López with a funeral, a protest, and unstopping vigils, in which they have expressed their outrage and distrust toward the police and the sheriff. Francisco Barradas reports from Santa Rosa, California.

Families still in limbo a year after Sandy – A year after the destructive path of Hurricane Sandy along the coasts of New York, the recovery is still far from completed, and many immigrant families affected by the super storm are still living in garages, hotels, and hallways. Others have had to leave because the cost of rent has gone up and the city has no plans to build new public housing on the coast. Marco Vinicio González has this story from the area most affected in New York, the Rockaways.

An audio “postcard” from Day of the Dead – November 1 and 2 are the Days of the Dead in Mexico, days which families spend building altars and decorating the graves of their loved ones. Valerie Hamilton visited the Ríos family as they decorated their family members’ graves in San Felipe del Agua, Oaxaca, in southern Mexico, as a group of musicians played a nostalgic song. Here is the “audio postcard” that Hamilton sends direct from the cemetery.

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