Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Emotional Tribute to Iconic Black Civil Rights Leader in Latino Neighborhood in Los Angeles - A major institution at UCLA has been named after an iconic leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the US South who also worked to build bridges with Latinos and other communities of color. Rev. James Lawson Jr., is recognized as the chief architect of the strategy of nonviolent resistance in the struggle against racial segregation led by Martin Luther King Jr. and the Memphis, Tennessee, garbage collectors’ union. In the 1970s, Lawson moved to Los Angeles, where for decades has been a mentor of mentors in workers’ rights causes, including Latino union leaders and young Dreamers. Reverend Lawson was joined at a ceremony, by prominent political, religious, labor and activist leaders. Ruben Tapia attended the event and prepared a report for us. This report is a Christmas Day special.

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