Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Historic Atlanta Vote Reassures Democrats of Senate Majority – Historic voter turnout in Georgia’s big cities handed the last contested U.S. Senate seat to Democrat Raphael Warnok. Some attribute this narrow Democratic victory in a Republican-dominated state to the sweep of new coalitions among communities of color. Gerardo Guzmán reports from Atlanta on the role that Latinos played in the Democratic victory in this special runoff election.

Eleventh Hour Deal in the Senate to Legalize the Dreamers – Up to two million immigrants known as Dreamers could be legalized if ten Republican senators support the proposal agreed upon by Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Thom Tillis. The bill— negotiated behind closed doors—proposes to increase border security, speed up deportations, and expedite asylum applications, among other things. With few days left in the current legislative session, the authors of the agreement are urgently seeking support on both sides of the aisle. José López Zamorano brings us the details from Washington.

Appealing to Citizens to Reduce Hate Crimes in Los Angeles – Faced with the alarming increase of hate crimes in Los Angeles County, authorities have launched a campaign to counteract it. Through the “Los Angeles Against Hate” campaign, leaders are encouraging citizens to call a confidential hotline and file complaints. In addition, through virtual sessions, the organizers are urging those affected, mostly from non-white and gender diverse communities, to actively participate in defusing and preventing such violence. Ruben Tapia reports from Los Angeles.

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