Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Democrats Prepare Multi-Billion Initiative to Confront Climate Change - Amid a surge in climate warnings triggered by extreme heat spells, droughts and wildfires, Democrats are preparing to resurrect a section of the Build Back Better initiative that includes historic billion-dollar investments to address climate change. While leading environmental groups hail the measure, they warn that it will be tough to obtain a majority vote in the Senate to make it a reality. José López Zamorano has the details from Washington.

California Workers May Soon Have More Safeguards Against Natural Disasters - During the recent devastating California wildfires, many workers were reportedly forced to continue working in fields, gardens or homes located within the disaster areas for fear of being fired by their employer. A new bill aims to protect workers from fires and other disasters that according to forecasts will become more frequent and severe. State Senator Maria Elena Durazo is proposing to ensure that workers who feel their lives are at risk can use their cell phones during work hours and leave their work site to protect themselves. Senator Durazo spoke about this with our news director, Samuel Orozco. You can listen to the full interview in the archives of Línea Abierta for Wednesday, April 20 at radiobilingue.org.

Mexico Moves to Nationalize Lithium, a Pilar of the New Energy Industry - Only the Mexican state will be able to mine lithium, a key mineral for the energy industry of the future and of which Mexico has a large share of global reserves. The law was proposed by Mexico’s President López Obrador and passed after heated debates in both houses of congress and in public opinion. Citlali Sáenz reports from Mexico City.

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