Edición Semanaria (Weekly Edition)

Trump Faces Dozens of Criminal Charges After Historic Arrest – After being arrested and booked into a Manhattan courtroom this week, former President Trump was formally indicted on dozens of criminal charges involving falsifying business records. Trump pleaded “not guilty,” and remained defiant at the end of his historic day in court, claiming to be a victim of political persecution by Democrats as he begins his presidential campaign. José López Zamorano joins us with the details.

California Flood Victims Struggle to Rebuild – The intense storms that hit California during the first months of the year caused devastating floods in small farming communities in the state’s Central Valley. Although victims have been receiving emergency aid, recovery will be an arduous process, especially for undocumented residents who do not qualify for federal funds for disaster relief. Esther Quintanilla, a reporter for KVPR public radio and part of the Central Valley News Collaborative, tells the story of two Latino families who were affected.

Residents of Popular Mexican Tourist Destination Fight to Protect their “Mexican Dream” - A group of U.S. and Canadian citizens have joined repatriated Mexicans and neighbors in the Pacific resort town of Puerto Vallarta in voicing concern over uncontrolled development in the tourist enclave. Municipal governments have authorized the construction of housing units that lack environmental studies and are causing pollution and demand for services that are nonexistent. This report was prepared from Puerto Vallarta by Kent Paterson. Victor Palomino speaks.

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