Public Files

Online FCC Public Files for Radio Bilingüe stations

License Renewals
To review Radio Bilingüe station’s FCC License Renewal Applications, please visit the FCC’s Licensing and Management System site (LMS) at:
and search for the application file number.

If you want to submit a comment, you do it at the LMS site under Submit a Pleading.
License Renewal Application File Number:
KYOL 91.7 FM Chama, NM – File # 0000210111

Board of Directors

Community Advisory Meeting (CAB)

Radio Bilingüe’s Administrative Documents

The following documents are available upon request.  Call (559) 455-5757 or email

  • Annual Report on Local Content and Services – 02/15/22
  • Diversity Statement – 06/21/22
  • Employment Statistical Report - FY2021 – 02/15/22
  • IRS Form 990 – 2019 – 06/22/21

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