Public Files

To review Radio Bilingüe station’s FCC License Renewal Applications, please visit the FCC’s Licensing and Management System site (LMS) at: and search for the application file number.

If you want to submit a comment, you do it at the LMS site under Submit a Pleading.

License Renewal Application File Numbers:

  • KHUI – 89.1 FM Alamosa, CO- File # 0000127005

Online FCC Public Files for stations

Board of Directors

Community Advisory Meeting (CAB)

Radio Bilingüe’s Administrative Documents

The following documents are available upon request.  Call (559) 455-5757 or email

  • Annual Report on Local Content and Services – 03/13/20
  • Diversity Statement – 01/01/20
  • Employment Statistical Report - 03/13/20
  • IRS Form 990 – 2018 – 04/02/20

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