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For general information, toll-free anywhere in the U.S.: 1-800-509-4772

Network and KSJV 91.5 FM -Fresno, CA- switchboard: 559-455-5777

Call to Participate:

Línea Abierta (call live or leave a message): 1-800-345-4632

Network Musical Programming- request line: 559-264-9191 or 1-800-200-5758

Comunidad Alerta: 559-264-9191 or 1-800-200-5758

La Hora Mixteca: 559-264-9191, 1-800-345-4632 or 1-800-200-5758

La Hora Triqui: 1-877-999-5432

Rockin da House: 1-877-999-5432

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Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers

Radio Bilingüe, Inc.

Headquarters: 5005 E. Belmont Ave., Fresno, CA 93727

Executive Director: 559-455-5757

Programming: 559-455-5781

Administrative Office: 559-455-5746

News Department: 559-455-5782

KHDC- Salinas, CA Office: 831-757-8039

Send your event information for our Community or Arts Calendar to: or to the mailing address in Fresno, CA.

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