Grandparents Sharing Tradition Through Music


Don Hermenegildo Mendoza, immigrant from the Oaxaca resident of Madera, California share the importance of passing on his passion for the art of music. He taught his grandchildren the art of composing songs that narrate the life of immigrants in the form of corridos. Music is not only the cheer of family gatherings but also serves as a way to maintain family unity and promotes the approach of the different generations.

Guests: Familia Mendoza,Doña Macaria, Don Hermenegildo Mendoza, Ana Mendoza, Clarita Mendoza, Kino Mendoza, Alex Cortez, Jose Tenoch Rojas, Niantii Rojas, and Elmer Mendoza, & California Los Primos Del Norte.

Photo by: California Los Primos Del Norte by Jesus Ramirez

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