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Public and commercial stations can air Radio Bilingüe’s  award-winning public radio programs including our national Spanish news and information platforms to bring listeners in your community into the National Latino Conversation.

You can also supplement your local station’s line-up at any time of day with Radio Bilingue programs or blocks distributed via satellite, content depot, or streamed on-line.  We can help you meet the needs of unattended operations, such as our popular overnight service featuring Oldies, R&B and Soul.

Who Can Use the Programs? 

Radio stations licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as non-commercial or educational are the primary users of Satélite Radio Bilingüe services. Non-public stations that have daily programming oriented to serving the community with information, education and cultural entertainment may also utilize the services.

Three Ways to Access Radio Bilingüe Programming:

1. Satélite Radio Bilingüe To receive programs via Radio Bilingüe’s satellite service, a station must be able to pick up our feed on KU Band from the public radio satellite. Stations must be equipped with KU Band downlink technology to receive this signal.

2. radiobilingü Stations may access our programming via Radio Bilingüe website’s live audio streaming service, as well as audio-on-demand files of our flagship programs, including Línea Abierta and Edición Semanaria.

3. ContentDepot Stations registered with the Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS) may access our programs via ContentDepot, an automated content delivery portal managed by the public radio distribution system.

For More Information, Contact: María de Jesus Gomez (559) 455-5782 or

Program Scheduling Information

Satélite Radio Bilingüe provides stations with a weekly update that gives information about upcoming regular and special programs and scheduling changes. These messages are sent via email. In addition, stations receive special updates for program announcements and last-minute changes.

Uplink Funding Sources

The uplink and main operating equipment located at Radio Bilingüe was financed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration Agency and is held in trust by Radio Bilingüe. Interconnected stations own their downlink equipment except for those downlinks which are leased to stations.

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