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The Ramirez Family on graduation day for Fabian and Maria for their B.A. and Gloria for her master's degree. Photo: Zaidee Stavely

From the Fields to Top College: One Family’s Story

All four Ramirez siblings attended the prestigious University of California at Berkeley. That’s no small accomplishment for a farm working family living in one of the poorest cities in California, and one of the least educated in the country.

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Atotz 5

(Español) Creímos que sólo nos iban a dar macanazos, gases lacrimógenos, encarcelar, pero la realidad nos dio una bofetada (última)

(Español) “Los padres nos han dicho estar dispuestos a todo por sus hijos. Y ver a las familias llorando, animándose, nos pone los pelos de punta, nos inflama el pecho, la conciencia nos desborda y queremos hacer algo”.

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La Virgen de Guadalupe adorna el altar. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

Altar Celebrates Latino Neighborhood in the Face of Gentrification

In Boyle Heights, a symbolic Latino neighborhood, youth build an altar to express their concerns about displacement.

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César Romeo Villareal no puede conseguir una identificación con fotografía. Foto: Joy Díaz.

Barred from Voting in Texas

Close to 600,000 registered voters in Texas could be rejected at the polls in Texas. Trapped in limbo because of the state’s voter i.d. law are people like César Romeo Villarreal.

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Some of those who attended the convening.

The Day After: Implementing Immigration Reform

A plan of action to implement comprehensive immigration reform, once it is approved, in California’s San Joaquin Valley, including reaching all those eligible to apply for legalization, and supporting them throughout the process.

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(Español) Matan a tiros dos policías blancos a otro joven negro cerca de Ferguson, Missouri

This entry is only available in Español.

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Maricela Guzmán, veterana que antes vivió en su auto

Edicion Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

Fleeing Central America
Housing for California Veterans
The Impact of the Latino Vote in November

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(Español) Las minorías étnicas, con mayor presencia en la enseñanza pública de Estados Unidos

(Español) Uno latino y un afroestadunidense en cada cuatro habitantes vive bajo el nivel federal de la pobreza. “Algunos de los niños hispanos más pobres lidian además con el trauma que representa estar en el país ‘ilegalmente’ o tener un padre que lo está”, dijo la experta de UCLA.

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Edicion Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

(Español) Trabajadoras de la jaiba
Una familia unida por la música

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Eduardo & Alberto 3

Maestro of Colombian Gaita Keeps Caribbean Rhythms Alive

A Colombian musician, maestro of the gaita and Colombian drums, has begun making this music known in the United States and showing apprentices how to play it. Rubén Tapia reports from Los Angeles. This story is part of the series Raices: Stories of Grassroots Artists.

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