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En el Washington Square Park, durante la concentración de la asistencia masiva al mitin de Bernie Sanders. Foto: Fernando Mancillas.

Checking in with New York’s Latino Voters

Next Tuesday New York will be the scene of heated primary elections. For the first time in decades, the state will have two competitive presidential primaries in the same season. Candidates from both parties have been vigorously courting New Yorkers’ votes. Marco Vinicio González took to the streets of New York City to ask Latinos how they see the contests.

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Dyslexia Symptoms, Kinds and Triggers

–> In the beginning of the process, you might feel as if youve joined a territory with out a map., you require tips for selecting you theme if you must select your own or for thinning a broad matter allocated for you. This portion teaches you what themes are better to prevent and getting tips […]

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Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin De León with the young people. Photo: Fernando Andrés Torres.

Young People Push for Anti-Wage-Theft Law in California

The bill would give the California Labor Comissioner the tools to demand that companies pay a bond if they have been ordered to pay backwages and still have not.

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Pablo Quiroz Manríquez, Artemio Posadas, y Dolores García tocan son huasteco. Foto: Zaidee Stavely.

Son Huasteco Brings Joy to Migrants and Young People in San Francisco Bay Area

“Doing this, I feel like this is part of Mexico, too,” says immigrant worker Héctor Plascencia.

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Tres de cuatro niños en algunas escuelas de Oakland reportan haber perdido a alguien cercano por la violencia. Foto: Adam Grossberg/KQED

Violence Obstructs Education of Thousands of Children in Oakland Schools

In some schools in Oakland, three out of four children have lost a loved one to violence. The effects spill over into the classroom.

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Un especialista en tecnología del distrito de Oakland, Chris Beatty, le ayuda a Jacqueline a usar una computadora para leer. Foto: Zaidee Stavely.

Nine-Year-Old Girl, Paralyzed by Bullet, Struggles to Continue Education

A stray bullet cost Jacqueline Funes months of schooling, and she is now struggling to be able to learn, and live, as she did before.

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Saturday 2_673x324

Ayotzinapa 43 Hour 2: Live Forum.

SATURDAY, APRIL 4 PROGRAM # 7491 6 PM PT Ayotzinapa 43 Hour 2: Live Forum. A delegation of parents and friends of the 43 students disappeared by police in Southern Mexico meet with US supporters in a live community forum in San Francisco’s Mission District. The forum is convened and broadcast by Radio Bilingüe, KPOO, […]

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(Español) Colegios Comunitarios, límites y desafíos II

(Español) Mientras el dinero para los estudiantes universitarios de la comunidad en forma de subvenciones federales como las becas Pell ha aumentado, para las universidades lo ha hecho modestamente. En 2010 el Congreso rechazó un paquete de ayuda de 8 mil 800 millones de dólares que se habría dirigido a los colegios comunitarios para elevar sus tasas de graduación.

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Republicans Sweep Elections: Where Were Latinos?

Some analysts say it is time for both parties to take charge of matters crucial to Latinos if they want their vote in the 2016 presidential elections. José López Zamorano reports from the nation’s capital.

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(Español) Inmigración: tema central y definitorio para los votantes latinos

(Español) En la lucha por el control del Senado, el tema migratorio ha probado ser definitorio en la contienda por el Senado entre el titular demócrata, Mark Udall, y el republicano Cory Gardner. Queda por ver si la dilación en el anuncio de las órdenes ejecutivas migratorias por parte de la Casa Blanca y la timidez con que Udall abordó el tema incide sobre el voto latino en este estado y, por ende, sobre el balance del Congreso.

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