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Familia de John Hernández: Papá con sombrero, a su lado la viuda. La mamá de John empuja la carriola con la hija de John, y su abuela en silla de ruedas.

Texans Angered by the Killing of Young Latino by Sheriff’s Deputy’s Husband

The death in Houston of a young Latino who was brutally strangled by the husband of an off-duty sheriff’s deputy has unleashed a wave of public outcry. The officer and her husband forcibly restrained the young man, John Hernández, after they saw him urinate in the parking lot of a restaurant.

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Luis Bautista, an internist at Bautista Medical Center in Fresno, Calif., examines Kathy Macias, 53, while her mother, Connie Hernandez, 72, waits to be seen on February 8, 2017. Bautista says the majority of his patients are afraid of losing the health insurance they received under the Affordable Care Act. (Heidi de Marco/KHN)

California’s New Single-Payer Proposal Embraces Some Costly Old Ways

The legislation would revive the age-old practice of paying providers for every service they perform — a recipe for a busted budget, some experts say. Backers say the bill is a work in progress.

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Plan for Debt-Free College Moves Forward in California.

(Español) El plan ayudaría a los estudiantes de universidades públicas a pagar sus colegiaturas y sus gastos de sostenimiento. Además, haría gratuito el primer año de estudios en los colegios comunitarios.

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Deciphering The CBO Estimates On The GOP Health Bill

The federal budget experts estimate that people will lose insurance and that drop will begin quickly. In 2018, they say 14 million more people would join the ranks of the uninsured. It would reach the 24 million by 2026, when “an estimated 52 million people would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law.”

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Senador Ricardo Lara en el anuncio de la Ley de Seguro Universal en California, la propuesta de ley SB562. Foto: Health4all

(Español) Proponen seguro médico universal en legislatura de California.

(Español) “No vamos a esperar a que Trump decida qué seguro médico va a implementar. Vamos a ponernos a decirle que tenemos un plan que va a cubrir a todos”.

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Arturo Rodriguez organizando en el poblado de Poplar, en el Valle Central de California. Foto: Arturo Rodriguez

(Español) “Día sin inmigrantes” suscitó nuevos incidentes de acoso racial.

(Español) Se reportan insultos a negocios que cerraron o que corrieron mpleados por ausentarse en “Un Día Sin Inmigrantes”, en las Carolinas, Tennessee, Texas y otros estados.

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Rudy Calderón y Christina Reed dicen disfrutar de cada día que están juntos. Foto: Francisco Castro/La Opinión

Love Never Gets Old – Even at 100

Study after study shows that love keeps you feeling young, involved and engaged, a sure fire way to keep illnesses away.

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Number of Latino Doctors Shrinkens As Latino Population Grows

The Latino population has increased at an accelerated pace in the U.S. in the last 20 years. But the number of Latino doctors has not corresponded to that jump, but instead, has decreased in proportion.

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Mumps Cases Spike, Raising Questions About Need For Vaccine Boosters

Dr. Janell Routh, a medical epidemiologist for the CDC who specializes in mumps, said it’s not surprising outbreaks are occurring on college campuses, where students often live in close quarters, eat together and party together. Dr. Dirk Haselow, the state’s epidemiologist and medical director of outbreak response, said the state’s health department has been holding clinics in places like churches, and schools to dispense the MMR vaccine.

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Portada de "The Upside Down Boy". Ilustración de Elizabeth Gómez.

Literary recommendations for the Holiday season (Spanish only)

(Español) “La flor de oro” de Nina Jaffe, “The Upside Down Boy” y “Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes” de Juan Felipe Herrera, “La Distancia entre Nosotros” de Reyna Grande, y “Return to Sender” de Julia Álvarez.

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