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California’s Fair School Funding

As part of the School for Success Express tour throughout California, On Monday, November 4, 2013 in Los Padres Elementary School in the City of Salinas students, parents, teachers, and activists share with educational leaders how to improve schools using the 18 million coming to Salinas Schools by 2020. This funding made available through California’s […]

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KHDC Salinas Youth Radio Trainees Graduation Ceremony

Salinas Youth Radio – Photo Gallery

Gallery from Radio Bilingüe’s KHDC Salinas Youth Radio Training Project

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KHDC Trainee Kassandra Interviews Councilman Tony Barrera During Community Forum to Prevent Violence

Community Dialogues to Stop Violence

Community Dialogues on Violence Prevention are showcased in this production — The Board of Supervisors for Monterey County, CA held four community dialogues in four different cities. Two Radio Bilingüe KHDC Salinas youth radio participants attended the forum in Salinas on May 9, 2013. The Youth Producers interviewed local political leaders, teachers, parents and youth […]

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Salinas Youth Radio Trainees interviewing a member of Dreams of New York

Zero Tolerance School Policies

Three of the youth participants in the Radio Bilingüe KHDC Youth Radio Project interviewed school administrators, teachers, students and parents about their opinions on zero tolerance policies in the discipline plans and practices at schools.  This feature includes comments gathered, as well as information about school discipline raised during two related talk shows on restorative […]

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Trainees Gustavo Flores & Jazmín Cardoso On Air at KHDC

Talking About Sex Education

Teens have many questions about sexuality, but they commonly receive misinformation based on myths from their peers, the media, and other sources. Often parents also do not provide their teens with accurate information (or any information at all). This feature centered on how and from whom teens get information about sex and how they and […]

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Rally Pro-Immigration

This news report highlighted the pro-immigration reform marches organized in several cities in California and across the Nation in March 2013. Two KHDC Salinas youth trainees covered the Marcha in Salinas California on March 24, organized by unions including the United Farm Workers and the Teamsters. Farmworkers, activists, politicians, students and supporters walked the streets […]

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Dream 9 asylum applications move forward

(Español) Líderes pro-inmigrantes aprovecharon la visita del Presidente Barack Obama a Phoenix este martes para pedirle a su administración que no mantenga a los jóvenes en aislamiento mientras quedan en libertad.

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Hundreds of Dreamers protest at San Ysidro border crossing

(Español) Los ‘soñadores’ informaron que planean volver a la frontera, hasta que se permita el regreso de sus compañeros.

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(Español) Retan nueve soñadores a las autoridades de Inmigración

(Español) Los soñadores dijeron actuar en contra de una política que ha separado a millones de familias durante el periodo de gobierno del presidente, Barack Obama.

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(Español) Alcanzan latinos demográficamente a los anglosajones

(Español) Por ahora los anglosajones son el electorado más numeroso, porque muchos latinos son muy jóvenes para votar todavía.

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