Keeping or Banning Dangerous Insecticide. Also, No Guns in Schools.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13 PROGRAM # 8198 12:00 PM PST. Keeping or Banning Dangerous Insecticide. Health advocates from the San Joaquin Valley, the area with the highest use of chlorpyrifos, are urging California authorities to stop delaying the end of the use of this brain-damaging chemical. The insecticide, one of the most widely used in the […]

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California Cracks Down On Weed Killer As Lawsuits Abound

(Español) El glifosato, ingrediente activo en Roundup encontró su camino en la cadena alimenticia y en los cuerpos de las personas. Un estudio publicado recién en la revista médica JAMA mostró que el número de adultos del sur de California que dieron positivo a glifosato en la orina y excremento aumentó dramáticamente de 1993 a 2016.

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De la pagina de la Fundacion sobre el Sida de San Francisco.

Latinos Continue to Fall Victim to AIDS

Despite progress in the fight against AIDS and a decrease in the total number of AIDS cases and deaths, the same has not been true among Latinos, for whom the number of infections is rising.

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Clean Air Plan for Largest Ports: A Debate. Also, Open Enrollment Kicks Off Amid Confusion.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1 PROGRAM # 8190 12:00 PM PST. Clean Air Plan for Largest Ports: A Debate. The US two largest ports have a plan to move to zero-emissions technology. The Clean Air Action Plan of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which are the largest single source of air pollution in Southern California, seeks to […]

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La abuela fumando marihuana. “No estoy seguro si ella es una abuela, pero la gente mayor fumando hierba es simplemente increíble”. Foto: Pinterest.

(Español) Guía de la marihuana de la abuela: el estado lanza un sitio informativo

(Español) “Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar a los californianos información basada en la ciencia, para asegurar opciones seguras e informadas”, dijo en un comunicado Karen Smith, directora del Departamento de Salud Pública.

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6 problems with the foster care system -- and what you can do to help

(Español) Auditoría federal otorga una pobre calificación al monitoreo del bienestar de niños en cuidado temporal

(Español) “El fracaso en completar las investigaciones de manera oportuna -en 78 de las 100 quejas- es el hallazgo más escandaloso del informe”, escribió en un correo electrónico Bill Grimm, uno de los principales abogados del National Center for Youth Law.

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Affordable Care Act navigators help guide those looking for insurance during an enrollment event at Southwest General Hospital, Friday, Jan. Photo: Talking Points Memo

Big Gains In Latino Coverage Poised To Slip During Chaotic Enrollment Season

“There are less than 8 percent of Latinos without insurance in the county, but the confusion about what is happening with Obamacare and the fear of immigration problems make people think twice before renewing a health plan or [signing] up their kids for Medicaid or CHIP”.

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Kolb, a Rhode Island physical therapist, says she’s frustrated that fewer than half of eligible breast cancer patients receive a shorter course of radiation, even though studies proved it was safe nearly 10 years ago. (Katye Martens Brier for KHN).

So Much Care It Hurts: Unneeded Scans, Therapy, Surgery Only Add To Patients’ Ills

Many doctors say they feel pressured to order unnecessary tests out of fear of being sued for doing too little. Others say patients demand the services. In surveys, some doctors blame overtreatment on financial incentives that reward physicians and hospitals for doing more.

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Nurse Catherin Crofton checks on two students at Cambridge Elementary in eastern Contra Costa County, Calif., on Oct. 16, 2016. Her position was paid for through a partnership with the Mount Diablo Unified School District and John Muir Health, a local health system. (Heidi de Marco/KHN).

One Nurse Per 4,000 Pupils = Not The Healthiest Arrangement

Besides building goodwill, nonprofit health systems like John Muir can count their contributions of nurses and free student services toward the “community benefits” they must provide to retain tax-exempt status.

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Virginia Election: The Latino Factor. Also, Attacks on Healthcare Markets.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26 PROGRAM # 8186 12:00 PM PT Virginia Election: The Latino Factor. As the governor race in Virginia is heating up, Latino groups charge the Republican candidate with resorting to race-baiting attacks. Campaign ads are tying gangs and crime to immigration and to his Democratic opponent. The election in Virginia, a swing state, […]

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