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Forecasting an epidemic: Does weather hold the key to predicting valley fever outbreaks?

In the quarter century since, researchers and public health officials have come to see such dry and wet cycles as predictors of an upswing in the disease. That same weather pattern repeated itself between 2015 and 2016, and yet no one at the state or county level sounded an alarm in California or took measures to prepare for the threat of a valley fever surge.

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No Immediate Changes To Your Obamacare Coverage

An outright repeal might be difficult because it would require 60 votes in the U.S. Senate to overcome a Democratic filibuster, which means the Republicans would need the support of at least eight Democrats.

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California’s Bold Retirement Plan.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26 PROGRAM # 7911 12:00 PM PT California’s Bold Retirement Plan. Gov. Brown signed into law the California Secure Choice bill, a retirement savings program for private-sector workers announced as the first of its kind in the nation. About seven million workers, nearly half of them Latinos, may benefit from this plan. In […]

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Female doctor examining a brain computerized tomography scan

In A Diverse State, California’s Latino Doctors Push For More Of Their Own

“If we are going to properly serve our current and future patient base, we must begin to develop a true pipeline to bring in Latino physicians and health professionals to meet this growing need,” said Dr. Jose Arevalo, chair of the Latino physicians group.

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Latino Doctors Critically Needed. Also, Referendum on Health Care.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19 PROGRAM # 7906 12:00 PM PT Latino Doctors Critically Needed. While more Latinos than ever are getting health insurance in California and many are in critical need of care for their chronic diseases, the system is not prepared to help them. There are not enough Latino physicians to serve this growing population. […]

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Latinos Face Rising Alzheimer’s Risk. Also, Latinos Live Longer: Why?

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12 PROGRAM # 7901 12:00 PM PT Latinos Face Rising Alzheimer’s Risk. In a first of its kind study, researchers warn that the numbers of Latinos living with Alzheimer’s disease could grow exponentially in the next decades and families are largely unprepared to deal with the skyrocketing costs. They call for investing more […]

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Family Health Centers of San Diego » Dental Services

Newly Covered By Medi-Cal, Undocumented Children Also Seek Dental Care By Ana B. Ibarra

(Español) Young Erika is one of almost 138,000 undocumented children in California who have gained Medi-Cal coverage under the so-called “Health for All Kids” law, which provides health care for all California children regardless of their immigration status.

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California doesn’t just have a water crisis. It has a human crisis.

California’s Community Water Center reports that water systems serving predominantly Latino and low-income communities have disproportionately high occurrences of arsenic and nitrate contamination, and that many low-income residents in affected areas are paying up to 10 percent of their monthly income to purchase clean, safe water.

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Wendy Pech con sus hijos. Dolores, la mayor, ya tiene Medi-Cal completo. Foto: Radio Bilingüe.

(Español) ¿Cómo va el plan de atención médica a niños indocumentados de CA, en su cuarto mes?

(Español) Hay comunidades que también tienen miedo de que si hay una posibilidad si inscriben a este programa, si luego los puede impactar en el futuro…

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Undocumented Kids Get Health Care. Also, Historic Overtime Pay for Farmworkers.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 PROGRAM # 7878 12:00 PM PST. Undocumented Kids Get Health Care. Four months after undocumented children have been allowed to enroll in California’s Medi-Cal program, nearly 20,000 undocumented children have signed up for the first time to receive low-cost or free health insurance under this state version of Medicaid. Tens of thousands […]

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