Covering All Kids. Also, ColoradoCare Plan.

MONDAY, JUNE 6. PROGRAM # 7798 12:00 PM PT Covering All Kids. The Illinois legislature passed with a bipartisan vote legislation that extends health insurance for all children, including the undocumented, confirming Illinois as the state with the highest health coverage for all children. Republican Governor Bruce Rauner is expected to sign the All Kids […]

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Opening the Doors of National Parks to Latinos

This year the national Park Service turns 100 years old. In celebration of this historic date, the organization Latino Outdoors has taken to promoting walks and outdoor activities among Latinos, to help them discover the natural treasures hidden in the parks. The idea is to help Latinos connect and learn to take care of the environment, because Latinos are among those who least often visit and benefit from the national parks.

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Karyna Jaramillo, coordinadora de defensa de Arcoiris Liberation Team  denuncia las condiciones en las que se encuentran detenidos personas infectadas de sarampión en Eloy, Arizona. Foto: Valeria Fernández.

Measles Outbreak Hits Immigrants in Arizona Detention Center

A measles outbreak in an immigrant detention center in Arizona has activists and family members concerned. They say the detained immigrants are living a nightmare. From Phoenix, Valeria Fernandez reports.

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María Hernández, dice que no le alcanza para comprarse un seguro médico, y que nunca ha tenido uno en los 16 años que lleva viviendo como indocumentada. Foto: Araceli Martínez.

Bill in California Would Allow Undocumented to Buy Obamacare Health Plans

his week a California law went into effect that expands the public health insurance program Medi-Cal to include undocumented children from low-income families. Meanwhile, the author of this historic law is back at it in the legislature with a bill that would allow adults without papers to buy health plans on the state insurance exchange Covered California.

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(Español) Empieza el Medi-Cal completo que incluye a niños indocumentados

(Español) Esta ley ha resultado del arduo trabajo de una amplia coalición de organizaciones estatales que luchan por el derecho a la salud en compañía de agrupaciones pro inmigrantes.

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Medi-Cal for Undocumented Kids Starts.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 18. PROGRAM # 7785 12:00 PM PT Medi-Cal for Undocumented Kids Starts. Enrollment in full Medi-Cal for low-income undocumented children begins this week, under the new Health for All Kids law. California becomes the largest state to provide health care to all low-income children, including the undocumented. In this program, impacted families talk […]

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Portada del studio, Kids on the Frontline.

California Mothers Call for More Pesticide Restrictions

Children who live and work near agricultural fields in California have a much higher risk than others of getting cancer, autism, or neurological illnesses because of their higher exposure to dangerous pesticides. That’s according to a new study, which also revealed that, at least two years ago, the fields in Fresno and Kern counties were sprayed with the largest amount of pesticides.

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A ritmo de Zumba calientan motores antes  de carrera - caminata. (1)

100 Days Without Soda or Junk Food

How hard would it be for you to stop drinking soda or junk food for 100 days? Hundreds of people in Kern County, in the south of California’s Central Valley, did just that, and also took on the challenge to do exercise during that time. In their county, 6 out of 10 residents are overweight.

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Five on Hunger Strike to Protest Police Racism

Five Latino and African-American residents of San Francisco went on hunger strike April 21st, to protest the racism of the city’s police, and the death, in the last three years, of four Black and Latino people shot by police.

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(Español) Colorado lanza iniciativa para una suerte de sistema de salud universal

(Español) Si la respuesta en las urnas es positiva, el referido nuevo sistema de salud comenzaría a operar en 2019, y se convertiría en una cooperativa mayor que compañías como Nike y American Express, según el Instituto de Salud de Colorado. El sistema contaría con una mesa de directores de 21 personas, que establecerían los beneficios del usuario y los presupuestos.

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