Senador demócrata de San Francisco, Scott Wiener al anunciar la legislación que protege a trabajadores sexuales del arresto cuando denuncian crímenes violentos. Foto de la oficina del senador.

(Español) Legislación protege trabajadoras sexuales y analizan consecuencias del arresto y encarcelamiento de mujeres

(Español) “Esta legislación trata de proteger a las víctimas y aumentar la seguridad pública. Demasiadas trabajadoras sexuales son victimizadas, y lo último que necesitamos es que sean victimizadas aún más al ser arrestadas cuando denuncian un crimen”.

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Autobús de Covered California en 2017 -uno similar recorrerá este estado en noviembre, después de las elecciones de medio término que se aproximan. Foto: Covered California/Facebook.

New Covered California Sign-Ups Plummet

On his first day in office, California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom called for a state-based mandate, which would require all Californians to have health coverage. The legislature would have to approve it, which isn’t guaranteed even with a Democratic majority because the mandate was one of the least popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

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Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Providers Walk ‘Fine Line’ Between Informing And Scaring Immigrant Patients

If the federal government adopts the rule, it would not be effective immediately. There would most likely be a 60-day grace period before the changes take effect, Kane said. After that, implementation could be further delayed in court.

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Divided Congress, Government Shutdown. Presidential Hopeful. Deadline to Sign Up for Health Plans. Relief for Victims of Lead Contamination, Teachers Strike.

MONDAY, JANUARY 14 PROGRAM # 8520 12:00 PM PT Divided Congress, Government Shutdown. Amid the longest shutdown of the federal government in history, House Democrats resist pressure from Trump who demands full funding of a border wall and there is no solution to the stalemate on sight. A Republican analyst discusses this topic and the […]

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Gelatinas que Virginia fabrica y vende , cuando le falta y dinero para competar la renta.

Survivor of Sexual Slavery Inspires Victims to Come Out of the Shadows

During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, a Mexican immigrant who is a survivor of sexual slavery is about to open a new office to help female victims.

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Newsom Diverges Sharply From Washington With Health Care Budget

Newsom argued during his budget briefing that, unlike the federal tax penalty, the California penalty would not be considered a tax and would only need a simple majority to win legislative approval.

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Park-Poor Fresno Push for Green Spaces.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 10 PROGRAM # 8518 12:00 PM PT Park-Poor Fresno Push for Green Spaces. The Westside neighborhoods in Fresno, the most heavily polluted areas in the state, received 70-million in cap and trade funds from the state of California to help revitalize these low-income communities, bring jobs, and reduce greenhouse gases. When will Fresno’s […]

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Manifestación pública de apoyo a la asistencia sanitaria para todos. Foto: Asistencia Legal Rural de California / Rural Legal Assistance página de Facebook.

Health Insurance for all Undocumented People Proposed in California

More than one million undocumented adults in California could gain access to the public health insurance plan known as Medi-Cal, according to bills introduced by Democratic lawmakers in Sacramento.

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Health Bills and New Legislatures. Also, College Education in 2019.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 3 PROGRAM # 8513 12:00 PM PT Health Bills and New Legislatures. Democrats take control of the US House and the supermajority in California’s legislature. The leadership of the new US House decided to get into a legal battle in Texas in defense of ACA and people with pre-existing conditions. And, in California, […]

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Controversial Pesticide Use in Question.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 26 PROGRAM # 8507 12:00 PM PT Controversial Pesticide Use in Question. California is moving a step closer to declaring the insecticide chlorpyrifos a toxic air contaminant, a chemical which may lead to serious illness or death. State authorities are calling on growers to use alternative pesticides. Last year, a group of farm […]

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