Padres de familia apuntan a sus hijos en Medi-Cal

California Inaugurates Health Plan for Undocumented Minors

This weekend, California will be one step closer to having healtheir children. On May 1st, the Health for All law goes into effect, expanding the state health insurance, Medi-Cal, and offering complete coverage to undocumented minors who qualify.

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UN on Drugs: Prohibitionists vs. Reformists.

THURSDAY, APRIL 28. PROGRAM # 7771 12:00 PM PT UN on Drugs: Prohibitionists vs. Reformists. The United Nations held a special session on drugs, called for Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala. During the four-day session, world leaders were clearly divided. While most countries support the current international drug war, and some even push for the death […]

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Medi-Cal: Woes. Medi-Cal: Hopes.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27. PROGRAM # 7770 12:00 PM PT Medi-Cal: Woes. Latino Medi-Cal recipients and civil rights lawyers have filed a complaint against the public health program Medi-Cal alleging that the shortage of doctors willing to see Medi-Cal patients are making it hard for Latinos to access health care services. This is a conversation with […]

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U.N. Called On To Change Focus on Drugs

The Caravan for Peace, Life and Justice finished this week in New York, where the U.N. General Assembly was conducting a special session on the world problem of drugs. There, the caravan members from several different countries sought to demand profound changes in the so-called war on drugs.

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Frente a Naciones Unidas. Foto: Moysés Zúñiga Santiago

(Español) “El impacto del respaldo de Estados Unidos a la Guerra contra las Drogas en América Central y México, alternativas”

(Español) Los panelistas estarán informando sobre las visitas que hicieron a las zonas y comunidades que han sufrido el trágica impacto humano de la referida guerra contra las drogas. Mil líderes del mundo firmaron una carta la ONU.

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obese latino kids

(Español) Jóvenes con diabetes: ¿en crisis?

(Español) ¿Qué hacer para impedir que nuestras familias contraigan diabetes y cómo podemos poder echar la mano a los más afectados, los desasegurados? ¿Cómo prevenir la diabetes?

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Kids with Diabetes: In Crisis?

MONDAY, APRIL 4. PROGRAM # 7753 12:00 PM PT Kids with Diabetes: In Crisis? Researchers found that a majority of adults in California, and even worse, one third of young adults, have pre-diabetes or diabetes, in a strong indication that the epidemic is out of control. Many people do not get tested because of lack […]

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Se hacen la prueba de la diabetes. Foto: Araceli Martínez.

For Diabetics, Health Insurance Even More Crucial

For those who suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, having health insurance is crucial for treatment and improving quality of life. Araceli Martínez takes us to a community clinic in Los Angeles where staff is trying to increase the number of diabetics with health insurance, and help them obtain regular care.

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Nicolasa Ramírez, muestra patio contaminado, donde jugaban sus nietos. Foto: Rubén Tapia.

Latino Communities in Los Angeles Fight to Clean Up Toxic Lead

After intense protest by local leaders and residents, this week California approved millions of dollars in funding to clean up the dangerous lead from the neighborhoods. Our correspondent in Los Angeles, Rubén Tapia, reports from the affected communities, in the first of a series of stories about this massive lead pollution. This story is part of our new series, “Hablando de la Raza.”

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Niña indocumentada con su madre 2

Immigrant Parents Prepare for New Health Insurance for Kids in California

In May, a law will go into effect that extends state health insurance Medi-Cal to a quarter million undocumented minors. From Los Angeles, Araceli Martinez reports on how parents are preparing to receive this huge benefit for their children.

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