Obamacare Repealed? Then What?

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18 PROGRAM # 7978 12:00 PM PST. Obamacare Repealed? Then What? The US Congress took the first steps to vote on repeal of the Affordable Care Act as soon as next month. What plans to replace it do Republican leaders have? What would happen to the millions who lose their insurance? What would […]

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(Español) Transcurre en EEUU el Día de Sanación Racial

(Español) En este esfuerzo nacional que es promovido por W.K. Kellogg Foundation, el llamando a realizar un Día Nacional de Sanación busca curar la Inequidad Racial, estimulando los esfuerzos de todos para sanar las heridas creadas por los prejuicios raciales y de todo tipo, que derive en la construcción de una sociedad equitativa y justa en la que todas las personas prosperen.

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Aquí hay cuatro preocupaciones comunes que deben despertar la atención - sólo una lista parcial de los problemas que pueden surgir. (Heidi de Marco / KHAN)

You’re Not Just ‘Growing Old’ If This Happens To You

Taking steps to address weakness doesn’t mean you’ll have the same strength and endurance as when you were in your 20s or 30s. But it may mean doctors catch a serious or preventable problem early on and forestall further decline.

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Asian Health Services, un centro de salud comunitario, apoya el impuesto de la ciudad sobre las bebidas azucaradas con la esperanza de que los ingresos recaudados del impuesto se destinen a combatir la caries dental. (Ana B. Ibarra / California Healthline)

Leading the Way? Northern California Cities To Embark On Soda Tax Spending

The American Beverage Association, which has lobbied heavily against soda taxes nationwide, doesn’t see a movement. Spokeswoman Lauren Kane said that 43 soda tax proposals have been rejected since 2008.

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In a County With More Babies Than Any Other, Childcare Comes at a Cost – And Not Just for Parents

These low wages, the demanding nature of the work, and the lack of a “career ladder to build upon” lead to high rates of turnover among care providers, especially those who work in home-based settings

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Number of Latino Doctors Shrinkens As Latino Population Grows

The Latino population has increased at an accelerated pace in the U.S. in the last 20 years. But the number of Latino doctors has not corresponded to that jump, but instead, has decreased in proportion.

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Aid in Dying Laws. Also, Marijuana Laws and the Drug War. Also, Obama’s Farewell.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11 PROGRAM # 7973 12:00 PM PST. Aid in Dying Laws. This month, a Colorado law allowing terminally ill patients to take their own lives using prescribed medication goes into effect. Colorado became the sixth state to allow the right to medical aid in dying after voters approved a proposition in November. What […]

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Mumps Cases Spike, Raising Questions About Need For Vaccine Boosters

Dr. Janell Routh, a medical epidemiologist for the CDC who specializes in mumps, said it’s not surprising outbreaks are occurring on college campuses, where students often live in close quarters, eat together and party together. Dr. Dirk Haselow, the state’s epidemiologist and medical director of outbreak response, said the state’s health department has been holding clinics in places like churches, and schools to dispense the MMR vaccine.

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Republicans Take First Steps toward Repealing Obamacare

This week the 115th Congress began sessions among mutual expressions of collaboration between the Republican majority and the Democratic minority. But the climate of bipartisanism was short-lived.

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(Español) Ensayos clínicos sobre cáncer benefician a pocos pacientes de las minorías

(Español) Otro obstáculo para la participación de las minorías en nuevos ensayos clínicos, es que desconocen la manera de encontrarlos. O viven en áreas de menor acceso a centros para curar el cáncer, y por si fuera poco “cuando tienen cáncer son más propensos a tener también otras enfermedades crónicas mal controladas como la diabetes, que los hacen inelegibles para los estudios”.

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