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Extra Edition: Safeguarding Farmworkers.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22 PROGRAM #9053 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: Safeguarding Farmworkers. In this roundtable program, California healthcare officials and experts talk about efforts to reach out to farmworkers and other essential workers that are at high risk of contracting coronavirus. They talk about Housing for the Harvest and other support programs, share advice on […]

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Health Care Groups Dive Into Property Tax Ballot Fight, Eyeing Public Health Money

Proposition 13, which capped commercial and residential property tax rates at 1% of assessed value at the time of purchase, and limited annual increases thereafter to 2%. The drop in property taxes as a result of the initiative decimated a major revenue source for public schools and social welfare programs, leaving many underfunded.

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Time is Running Out on Exide Cleanup.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14 PROGRAM #9042 12:00 PM PT Time is Running Out on Exide Cleanup. As the California state agency in charge of cleaning up lead and arsenic contaminated areas in southeast Los Angeles faces complaints of slow progress from neighbors who continue living in toxic homes, state lawmakers continue seeking a compliance audit and […]

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Extra Edition: Covid Protections. Also, Census Count Ending.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14 PROGRAM #9041 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: Covid Protections. The Cal/OSHA Standards Board voted for faster and stronger rules to protect workers in all industries from COVID-19 in the workplace, as workplaces such as meat processing, grocery stores, and fast food have become ground zero in the fight against COVID-19. A legal […]

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Castro Makes History as First Chancellor of Color. Also, Elections, Covid, and Higher Education.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 12 PROGRAM #9038 12:00 PM PT Castro Makes History as First Chancellor of Color. This is an interview with Dr. Joseph Castro, who is becoming the first chancellor of color in the history of CSU, the largest university system in the nation. He talks about how his experience as a first generation student […]

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Curavi Health, CarePointe y U.S. Health Systems anunciaron la semana pasada que se fusionaron para formar Arkos Health, una nueva compañía diseñada para llevar la telemedicina impulsada por análisis a las poblaciones mayores vulnerables de todo el país. Foto:

(Español) Clínicas post-Covid reciben a pacientes con síntomas persistentes tras recuperarse

(Español) “Si estos pacientes mejoran con el tratamiento de los síntomas a largo plazo, eso es bueno para todos. Todavía no hay suficientes pacientes para convertirlo en modelo de negocio, pero sí es el lugar al cual acudir luego del alta, pero podría resultar en un modelo de negocio para algunas de las instituciones de élite”.

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Extra Edition: AIDS Crisis. Also, Early Voting and Census Count.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7 PROGRAM #9031 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: AIDS Crisis. Latino communities are experiencing a growing health crisis as the number of HIV diagnoses among Latino gay, bisexual, and transgender men increases. A new report called “Here as I am” investigates how social, economic and political forces affect the health and well-being of […]

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Extra Edition: Covid and Flu Season.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6 PROGRAM #9029 11:00 AM PT Extra Edition: Covid and Flu Season. Flu season is almost here and it’s time to make a plan to protect yourself and your loved ones. This year, as hospitals and health workers are overwhelmed dealing with the Covid pandemic, is more important than ever to get a […]

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Información sobre cómo protegerse del covid-19 en la casilla de votación a la hora de votar. Foto:

(Español) Amable recordatorio sobre Elecciones, Covid y Censo 2020 en Estados Unidos

(Español) En este espacio encontrará todo lo que necesita para votar: Revisar si está Registrado; Registrarse, dónde votar en persona o cómo votar por correo; cómo Recordar las Fechas Límite del Registro y de la Votación; cómo ser un Trabajador Electoral; Llenar el Censo 2020; protegerse del Covid en el centro de votación…

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El presidente llegando a la Casa Blanca tras dejar el hospital donde estuvo interno tres días. Foto: Tweeter.

Inside the Flawed White House Testing Scheme That Did Not Protect Trump

“The president and his wife have had many exposures to many people in enclosed venues without protection,” so they could have been infected at any number of places, said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

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